FizzGate is a new generation cloud native aggregation microservice API application gateway developed based on Java, suitable for large-scale microservice deployment application scenarios

  • Four years

    R&D precipitation

  • 500+

    Enterprise Customers

  • One million

    Integrated API

  • One billion

    Request Processing

  • Service Governance

    Exclusive aggregation function, built-in script engine Automatically discover services and be compatible with multiple protocols

  • Safety Protection

    Routing request switch, abnormal traffic blocking Full traffic monitoring, service protection circuit breaker

  • Operation & Maintenance Monitoring

    Controllable grayscale publishing, practical traffic control Reliable log management, real-time monitoring and alarming

  • High Scalability

    Hot update plug-in switching, plug-in authentication and authorization Dynamic components are distributed to facilitate secondary development

Our Advantage

  • Powerful

    It has a variety of practical functions and can be used right out of the box, giving customers peace of mind.
  • Excellent performance

    Leading performance test data, one application can embrace industry standards
  • Innovation

    Few dependencies and no intrusion into existing services
  • Traffic verification

    High traffic verification, precipitating Internet best practices

Use Immediately

FizzGate application gateway provides trial versions and multiple commercial versions to meet the needs of users of different levels for microservices and supports privatized deployment.

  • Suitable for medium and large enterprises, multiple versions and prices meet different user needs, and reliable services will protect your business

  • Try Trial

    This is a business gateway that is suitable for you, with flexible purchasing methods, excellent cost performance, powerful functions and unlimited possible expansions, free download experience


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